Here is what I understand about the UFOs.

  1. The UFO speeds reported, if UFOs are material objects, would generate a sonic boom regardless of the technology involved. We know of no way of moving through air without moving air molecules out of the way. Beyond a certain speed the displaced air molecules form a compression wave which we hear as a “sonic boom”
  2. The rapid changes in direction of a solid object would require enormous energy input and result in great stresses on any physical object, regardless of the technology. The accelerations reported seem to exceed those of artillery shells or rockets. Both those projectiles can accelerate rapidly but if they do, they are dense, aerodynamic, highly integrated objects, not structurally weak triangles with seemingly useless lights in their lower surfaces. If these lights are glowing propulsion units, how does the object change direction?
  3. A “biological” alien crew could not withstand the accelerations involved. Internal organs would be torn loose inside the soft sack we call a “body.” No space suit can hold the organs in place inside such a soft sack under the reported accelerations.
  4. Physical objects could not enter or exit a body of water, as some reports would have it, without causing a splash. This is clear to all of us who have thrown a solid object into a pool. The object need not be at the speed of sound in air to cause a splash.
  5. There are no verified instances of collisions between the UFOs and man-made objects or terrain. All such reports are questionable, including those in the USA (Roswell) and those from Russia. Pilots who are approached by UFOs need-not worry; with their incredible mobility UFOs can avoid you better than you think. And perhaps they don’t even need to do that, they can simply switch off and disappear.
  6. There is no known debris of alien provenance that has been officially revealed. No photos or high-quality visual documentation of alien technology is publicly available. Considering the universal availability of private cameras this is at least surprising. The recent Chelyabinsk entry of a meteor in Russia was unexpected but is well documented visually.
  7. The only known phenomenon which accounts for all the UFO observations is a projection, from near-by; …. closer than from the Moon. To interact with the projection, the operator would be limited by the speed of light and therefore needs to be relatively close to the projection. Think of a spotlight shining on a cloud. The spot can move very quickly and change direction rapidly but the operator has to get signals (say reflected light) from the projection and make appropriate adjustments of the projector. The change will not take place before this signal reaches the existing projection. The projection can appear and disappear in an instant. But the communication time has to be short if untoward events are to be avoided.
  8. So, is a UFO a Holodeck-like projection? Perhaps, but who is operating such a projector? from where? and what for?



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Bohdan Wojciechowski

Bohdan Wojciechowski

engineer, writer, scientist, professor