B.W. Wojciechowski

We all want to know the truth because it brings certainty with it. If there was to be an undeniable truth readily available on all matters of interest, all may be well with the world! But that dream is a long way off. Many issues are not resolved and we often cannot say what is a hypothesis, a truth, or a lie. And then, would everyone accept all genuine truths? Probably not.

We humans are dreamers. We welcome the unknown which we garnish with lies or fake explanations to make it palatable. Then again, some erstwhile lies turn…

B.W. Wojciechowski

A successful society is vitally dependent on two “fluids”: wealth and energy. I call the two items “fluids” since they “flow” from a high potential level, a “source,” to a low potential level at the “sink,” doing “work” on the way. These two fluids are the indispensable agents of progress. Their activity and contribution to social progress depends on their availability at a high potential level and the presence of a sink at a lower potential level. The bigger the difference between the high and low levels the more interesting and advanced the work that can be done.

B.W. Wojciechowski, July 2021

Before you read the following, it will be worthwhile to read two earlier essays.

1. UFOs as I See Them. (on Medium and my Facebook wall)

2. Are We Alone? (on Medium and my Facebook wall)

In earlier essays I argued that intelligent life which has spontaneously risen is not likely to appear very often in our Galaxy. But much time has passed since the universe was formed: what is the likelihood of the presence of much earlier civilizations. Let us attempt a calculation, with many guesses, which the reader can alter according to his/her convictions.

B.W. Wojciechowski, July 2021

At dinner conversations I have found myself involved in discussions of the probabilities of fulfilling all the requirements for the evolution of the human species and the evolution of intelligent life in general. Since such discussions tend to be disorganized and muddied by the wine being consumed, I thought it wise to put down on paper what I consider to be the principal requirements that have combined to yield a statistically unlikely milieu that has led to our existence. The argument is based on considerations which we all intuitively sense in making daily decisions. If my…

B.W. Wojciechowski, March 2020

Let me begin with some 2020 US statistics:

Percentage of US population over 65: 16%

Percentage of total mortality from CV due to those over 65: 81%

Percentage of US population between 19 and 65: 60%

Percentage of total mortality from CV due to those 19 to 65: 19%

Percentage of US population between 1 and 19: 24%

Percentage of total mortality from CV due to those 1 to 19: ~0.1%

In other Western countries similar numbers will apply. The population over 65 is greatly at risk and should be quarantined and their mobility restricted for…

B.W. Wojciechowski, July 2021

Here is my current position on the UFO phenomenon. Part one is my reaction to the US government revelations we thought may contain new information. It was a major disappointment which I criticize in part one of this essay. The hazy promises made there could have been better defined. In an attempt to direct the investigation to useful ends before AI takes over, in part two I produce a list of issues that need attention. The final part defines the terms Possibility and Probability and brings out the consequences of what they really mean.

1. Government…

B.W. Wojciechowski, March 2021

There have been many attempts to construct a Socialist regime, one that lasts with the consent of the population. All Communisms and Socialisms proclaim their internationalism, their service to all the world’s “people” and promote world-wide goals; but in fact, the most successful ones were virulently nationalistic. The best known and arguably most disastrous was that constructed in Germany under the abbreviation: Nazi. However, several other similar approaches can be identified: Soviet Communism in the USSR and now Chinese Communism. So, what are the salient features which make these “Socialist” regimes similar? …

B.W. Wojciechowski, March, 2021

The concept of equality has a well-defined meaning in mathematics. Take the example;

1=1. Eq.1

This is unquestionably true. It applies to all ones, everywhere. It is also true that

1+1=2. Eq.2

This too is undeniably true in every case, But the reverse is clearly not a unique statement.

2=1+1 Eq.3

is a special case. The quantity 2 can be formed by (1.5+0.5), or by (1.8+0.2), or by (4/2) or by (10–8) and an infinite number of variants such as these. Mathematicians understand that equality defines a condition where the left-hand-side of equation 3 is absolutely…

Why and how Democracy has Failed

The 2020 election in the USA provides a clear signal that the current concept of Democracy has failed. It will not survive in its current form for long and we need to examine why and how it has failed.

The current form of Democracy arose in the time of political ferment around the period of the American and French revolutions seeking to enfranchise a wider section of the population in decision making by the governing authorities. The traditional regal and hereditary power holders were too narrow a segment of the population to monopolize all…

B.W. Wojciechowski

To begin to understand this question we need to understand the provenance of socialism, its goals and achievements.

Socialism is a descendant ideology of the Judeo/Christian concept of humanity. It is not a religion but it is a faith. In another blog I have drawn the parallels between socialism and Catholicism. Socialism tries to achieve similar goals to those of Christianity but departs from current Christianity in several vital areas of its philosophy and implementation. It is more like Islam, another faith significantly influenced by Judaic tradition but one that remains unapologetically fundamentalist.

Both Catholicism and Judaism have…

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